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“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”  — Lord Kelvin (1883)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the MRI?

Does the MRI measure individuals or organizations?

What’s valuable about the MRI?

How does the MRI measure productivity?

Can you give some examples of Alignment and Engagement?

How does the MRI differ from other employee surveys?

What actionable intelligence is found in the MRI?

The MRI System generates reports built around the MRI, but offering additional depth and breadth.


The breadth comes from the way the system, first, calculates the MRI for an organization and for every subgroup of that organization (departments, divisions, regions, states, offices, project teams, product groups, etc.)  This grouping differs from organization to organization, so we customize for each client’s specific organizational structure.  After calculating the MRI for all of these groups, the system then comparatively analyzes the data, identifying, for example, the highest and lowest MRIs, how much each group has changed from one quarter to the next, which region, say, is the highest, as well as which department, division, etc.  This comparative analysis identifies which groups (and which managers of those groups) are doing the best, and which need some additional training, coaching or consulting to help make them better managers.


The depth of the MRI system comes from several layers of detail generated on the MRI reports.  The highest level is the MRI score.  The next level includes the Primary MRI Components: Alignment and Engagement.  Beneath this are the Secondary MRI Components, Tertiary Components, and Specific Issue items.  Again, this depth is calculated for every group within the organization.


The breadth and depth of the MRI provides management at every level of the organization with unique intelligence as to the productivity of each group, the obstacles to productivity and management performance, and recommended remedies to those obstacles.


Who gets this information?

What do they do with the MRI intelligence?

What kind of organizations can use the MRI?

Can you briefly explain the MRI process?

How much does it cost?

Why shouldn’t every organization use the MRI?

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