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“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”  — Lord Kelvin (1883)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the MRI?

Does the MRI measure individuals or organizations?

What’s valuable about the MRI?

How does the MRI measure productivity?

Can you give some examples of Alignment and Engagement?

How does the MRI differ from other employee surveys?

What actionable intelligence is found in the MRI?

Who gets this information?

What do they do with the MRI intelligence?

What kind of organizations can use the MRI?

Can you briefly explain the MRI process?

How much does it cost?

Why shouldn’t every organization use the MRI?

The biggest obstacle to the MRI is that it is a new idea.  We compete easily against true competitors (because, to date, there are none doing anything like it.)  But our biggest challenge is to slog through preconceptions and prejudices.  Because the MRI, for the first time, puts practical “hard” metrics (numbers) around the “soft” side of the organization, most financial and operational managers immediately see it’s value.  But for those who have established themselves as experts on “soft” side issues—usually in the Human Resource arena—it is sometimes difficult to communicate how the MRI will accomplish all it does without long, subjective interviewing or complex, psychological profiles.

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